My New Creative Outlet For My Daughter Hannah

I hope everyone had an amazing New Year's Eve and has a healthy, peaceful year filled with love and light! 

Today I'm posting about the my newest creative outlet, which is making original stories for my daughter.  I've written eight stories so far and have done the creative for two of them.  I'm currently working on having the creative done on the rest of them!  My daughter helped me decide what to include in the stories as well, I would show her an image and she would smile if she liked it, and I would try and figure out a way to include it in the story.  In addition, I'm working on a new story, which is super creative about a magical garden, where the flowers turn into characters and they discover a new world!  I thought I would share my first two stories! Let me know what you think! These are quick works that I put together and are not as intense as my campaigns for my brand, however hopefully in the future I can do something more along the lines of what I create for brand campaigns, including a photoshoot, and creative! 

The stories are called
1) Let's go to Unicorn Land with Hannah and Chloe
2) Explore Owlville with Hannah and Chloe
3) Visit Candle Lane with Hannah and Chloe
4) Discover Koala World with Hannah and Chloe
5) Welcome to Panda Village with Hannah and Chloe
6) Party Day with Hannah and Chloe
7) Safari World with Hannah and Chloe
8) Play with Super Hannah and Chloe


                                            Let's go to Unicorn Land with Hannah and Chloe


                                                       Explore Owlville with Hannah and Chloe



Adorable post, so cute!

Kinga February 16, 2024

Cool ideas, happy weekend :D

Kinga January 20, 2024

What an incredible idea for your daughter and these will be such precious memories for her, too! Congrats on writing these stories and they look beautiful!

Make Life Marvelous

Ashley January 19, 2024

Oh, that’s so nice and sweet and your daughter Hannah is sooo cute 🥰😍
Warm rust rose greetings and all the best, Traude 😊

Traude Rostrose January 18, 2024

Aww, those are so sweet and creative. Such a wonderful gift for your beautiful daughter!

meowmeowmans January 16, 2024

This is so sweet and heartwarming; it will be a treasure and touching memory in the future. January 16, 2024

So lovely post

Karo January 15, 2024

Wonderful idea, such a special gift for your Hannah.
I created a special blog just to save the family’s special moments and later for my children to have a memory of times gone by.
Thanks for your visit.
Happy Year 2024!

Maria January 14, 2024

Wow! This is so sweet and what a nice memory for your daughter to have! Have a great weekend!
PerlaGiselle |

Perla January 12, 2024

What a wonderful idea! 🧡
Happy New Year! 🤗

Kasia Futka January 12, 2024

What a lovely idea and gift for Hannah! Happy New Year!

Jodie | That Happy Reader January 12, 2024

Ladny i ciekawy blog prowadzisz. Będę częściej do Ciebie zaglądała. Pozdrawiam

Marcepanowy Kącik January 11, 2024

Tienes una hija preciosa, todo se lo merece, si tú eres feliz creando historias por y para ella, no lo dudes, adelante.
Un beso.

María Dolores January 11, 2024

What a wonderful idea! This is so wholesome and sweet. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy New Year!

Her Digital Coffee January 11, 2024

That’s an amazing way to spend quality time together and I’m sure she will appreciate these stories when she grows up a little bit.

Radi January 11, 2024

What a beautiful daughter you have! Creating stories for your daughter is such a neat idea!

Rachel @Waves of Fiction January 09, 2024

This is so cute and creative!
Happy new year!

Sugar Lane January 09, 2024

Grazie di essere passata a trovarmi, buon anno!!!!

speedy70 January 09, 2024

You are one creative mama. This is really amazing and kudos to you. Wish I had this idea when my boy was little.

Missy May January 08, 2024

Thanks for stopping by my blog, thus giving me a chance to come here and go on a journey to Unicorn Land. I loved everything about this blog, your creativity, taking the time to create this wonderland and so much more. Children everywhere should see this.

Inger January 08, 2024

Those are so nice. I bet Hannah will treasure them!

Jeanette January 08, 2024

This is absolutely precious! Your daughter will treasure these in the years to come! Great job!

Mandy January 07, 2024

Thanks for visiting dear friend
Your place is spectacular

Your daughter is lovely!
Sweet stories. You are very Talented wow

Shabana January 07, 2024

Hi, Midori!
Your girl is absolutely wonderful! I want to wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed year!

I loved your creativity – I’m not a mom, not yet :), but I appreciated these sweet stories, is a wonderful idea ! ♥

Blog Interrupted Dreamer

Pâmela January 07, 2024

Very sweet. I made up songs and stories for my boys as well as my daycare children. I often thought that I should have written them down as you have done. Sadly most of them have faded away into the mysterious corners of my mind. Very nice post and thanks for visiting my blog.

Debby - From My House January 07, 2024

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