Hannah Turns One PhotoShoot

Spring is in bloom, and my daughter was born in Spring! We recently did her 1st Birthday Photoshoot.  It's a tradition in the Korean culture to dress the baby in Korean garments and have a big birthday and photoshoot for the baby's 1st birthday.  I've opted out of a big birthday and will just be doing an intimate gathering, and fun family activities to celebrate, however I did feel having a nice photoshoot would be an amazing way to create memories for my daughter and family.  I hope you enjoy them!



Your daughter is naturally photogenic, such a beauty. Happy 1st birthday to her, and I wish her all the best in life.

Bernice April 12, 2024

Happy first birthday ! You really look like a little princess ! very cute photos !

Gattina April 11, 2024

what a beautiful photoshoot! love it!


stylefrontier April 10, 2024

So beautiful photoshoot, your baby looks so cute. Congratulations!

Rebeca April 10, 2024

Your daughter is a beauty! Happy Birthday!

Jill – Doused in Pink

Jill April 09, 2024

She looks lovely!
have a great week,

Sara April 08, 2024

These are such cute photos of your baby girl. You have a beautiful family. My granddaughter just had her seven month photos taken, and my daughter just took some casual ones at her home. They grow up so fast. I like that pastel bench she is sitting on, so cute.

Happy Spring!


Red Rose Alley April 08, 2024

Hannah is adorable. I hope she had a lovely birthday.

Janice April 08, 2024

Very nice photos. Birthday photos are treasures that are savoured later. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will keep coming back.

Pradeep April 07, 2024

Oh WOW! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful…and the photos are stunning. The tradition of having a photoshoot is such a wonderful one but I’ve never quite understood the point of having big parties when the baby is so young…I think it’s best to save those kinds of parties for when she is old enough to remember them!
Suzy at www.suzyturner.com x

Suzy April 07, 2024

Lovely. :)
Here in Poland people also used to take nice photos of the babies on their first birthday. Now it’s not so popular anymore…

Radiomuzykant-ka April 06, 2024

Your daughter is a beautiful butterfly, very photogenic! Congratulations to the dads who must drool looking at these photos!


Marisa Cavaleiro April 06, 2024

What beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting my blog. x

Vix April 06, 2024

Wonderful photographs! Having professional family photographs really helps to keep those special moments to heart. I love these family photographs. You have a precious family. Your daughter is adorable. You and your husband look very happy together!

Ivana Split April 06, 2024

She’s gorgeous – and I love the idea of spending money on a photoshoot that provides memories forever, rather than splurging on a party she is too young to remember.

Leanne|crestingthehill April 05, 2024

Thank you =) It will be much fun at the folk festival and I can’t wait for the spring season <3
Have a nice weekend


Yasmina April 05, 2024

She’s adorable. Those are some great photos too.

Erika April 04, 2024

oohhh! she is so cute!!!! <3

inma April 04, 2024

What a beautiful photo shoot!

Amy Johnson April 04, 2024

Such lovely photographs.
Many happy first birthday wishes to your lovely daughter.

All the best Jan


lowcarbdiabeticJan April 03, 2024

She’s beautiful!

Tracy April 03, 2024

Midori; I loved coming to your Blog! Thanks for your visit!
I congratulate you on being parents and on your beautiful daughter.
It is a treasure.
The most important thing in life.
I understand that you are Coreana and live in New York.
A pleasure; receives a warm greeting.

Grace April 03, 2024

What beautiful photos. It’s very important to document and celebrate every stage, as children grow so quickly.

Tay Ribeiro April 03, 2024

These photos are so beautiful! You have such a beautiful family!
Gemma x

Gemma April 03, 2024

Uma bela família com uma filha muito linda.
Felicidades para todos.

Brancas Nuvens Negras April 02, 2024

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