I designed the Shania Handchain for the days I felt like wearing a boho or a sophisticated chic look. I know...two extremes. However, it works for both! I actually like pairing it with another Shania handchain. This handchain is great with knee high heeled boots or even a platform shoe and a dress.  #xoxoSakura



- Handchain
- Style: Chain Swarovski Crystal Handchain
- Wrist chain: 14k gold filled
- Ring chain: 14k gold filled
- Hand chain: 14k gold filled
- 14k gold filled closure
- 14k gold filled extender
- Colors Available: Black, Turquoise, Mint Green, Rose Pink, Sheen Gray, Purple Amethyst
- Size: One size (fits 90% of #midorilinealovers) 

- If you ever hurt one of your pieces, we will have it Fixed and Shipped back to you.  We want you to be able to wear your pieces all day everyday!

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